Appointment of a New Chairman

We are delighted to announce that David Knight has recently taken on the role of AIM Groupís Chairman. David has over 40 yearsí experience, including 35 years in Hong Kong, where he had been involved in the construction of the HSBC Headquarters Building, various infrastructure facilities and numerous other prestigious projects.

He is a project management specialist, with solid grounding in design, construction and management of major works such as roads, bridges, underground railways, high-rise buildings, deep basements, tunnels, and piled foundations. He also has considerable experience of investigation, repair and reporting on failed building materials such as concrete, render and tiling and more recently in waste management.

Davidís wealth of knowledge, experience and wide contacts in the industry will be invaluable to the on-going development of AIM Group in Hong Kong, the Far East and further afield.

Davidís appointment is a result of a rotation of the Chairmanís position and he succeeds Graham Scott-Burge, who continues as director and senior member of the AIM Group Management Team.

AIM Group Singapore
To align our carefully managed expansion plans with our medium-term growth objectives we have decided to open a subsidiary office for AIM in Singapore as of this year, 2013.

Singapore as we know is a thriving knowledge hub which has been steadily and confidently on the rise. With this move we aim to position ourselves for fresh and new opportunities in the growing ASIAN market. In so doing we would be able to share in Singaporeís fast development and its need for expert services in the construction and  infrastructure fields.

International Expert Witness Assignments
Our Expert Witness roles in the international arbitration arena are expanding. AIM Group Director, John Costello, was appointed as an Expert Witness in respect of Civil and Geotechnical Engineering issues for an International Arbitration in Sri Lanka during 2009-2011. The project was a 60 km Expressway project in Southern Sri Lanka. The case involved the appointment of a Tribunal of three internationally distinguished Arbitrators, and was the first of its kind in Sri Lanka. The Arbitration hearing was held in April 2011, and the Tribunal's Award is currently awaited.

John has also been appointed to act as an Expert Witness on Geotechnical Engineering issues on another international Arbitration case involving deep excavations in Singapore which is likely to involve input during 2011 and 2012.

Our Group MD, Ballah Dawelbait, continues to be involved in numerous ADR and/or arbitrations this year as well, some of which were conducted under the International Chamber of Commerce Rules. His most recent appointment was as a Ďtribunal sole expertí in arbitration for a project in Doha with the hearing just concluded in Paris at the Hearing Centre of the International Court of Arbitration. He continues to be involved in various ADR initiatives in Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia as well as the Far East.

Regional Director Ė Hong Kong and Asia 
To meet the demand for our expert services, Colin Moreby, Regional Director Ė Hong Kong and Asia, continues to be responsible for the day-to-day operation of AIM Groupís Head Office in Hong Kong, as well as our assignments throughout Asia. 

Colin can be contacted at tel: (852) 2572 6533; fax: (852) 2572 7966 and/or email:

National Water Company, Saudi Arabia Ė Expert Services
AIM Group has successfully completed this major assignment for the National Water Company in Saudi Arabia for the provision of Expert Services to resolve various issues related to a sewerage construction Project worth over US$5 billion.

AIM's Experts' roles included projects reviews; troubleshooting; leading & negotiating project recovery plans including MOUs, supplemental agreements; technical advice on tunnels; pumping stations; outfalls; packaged plants & sewerage systems; together with high end project management services, claims assessments & commercial settlements.

Company Profile
As a company logo, AIM Group has adopted an eagle, which in terms of heraldic symbolism, signifies ďa man of action, ever more occupied in high and weighty affairs, and one of lofty spirit, ingenious, speedy in apprehension and judicious in matters of ambiguity". We strongly believe that this symbolism reflects the standard, attributes and calibre of our Experts and highlights the level of expertise we can provide to our clients.

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