AIMBIM is a division of AIM Group specialising in Building Information Modeling (BIM) management and consulting services according to the current global and local context of BIM Standards and protocols.

In collaboration with regional and global leading companies in BIM delivery, we utilise the latest, most efficient management approaches in respect of international practices, standards and guidelines. 

To us, BIM is not just a model. It is, more importantly, an invaluable management tool covering the whole project delivery process and lifecycle. At AIMBIM we start with the end in mind, working closely with clients to ensure that the ultimate project objectives are fully realised. We are committed to driving project delivery efficiency through appropriate use of BIM and related technologies. 

BIM can be described as "the DNA of future construction®", as it contains all the information about a project even before the construction starts. Working with BIM allows the utilisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its future role in modernising the construction industry. The technology involving the use of AI and blockchain in construction is evolving and its introduction to the industry would be facilitated through the use of BIM and the pursuit of Smart Asset management practices.  

It is, therefore, within our core objectives for the AIMBIM Division to be the springboard for AI and all related technologies applicable to the construction industry.  

AIMBIM Services include: