Headquartered in Hong Kong, since 1998, AIM Group provides valuable input at all stages of a major construction project, from design development to tender and construction phase. This year, AIM celebrates 22 years of successful services to the engineering and infrastructure industry in the ASEAN region as well as the Middle East.

Strategically located in Hong Kong, we aim to work closely with our potential partners and associates to provide informed investment management services utilizing our extensive knowledge of the engineering infrastructure and the construction industry. We have unique expertise in the fields of programme management, project planning, project management, risk analysis, risk management, procurement strategies, troubleshooting, project turnaround services and alternative dispute resolution.  

We particularly welcome partnerships with Chinese and other international infrastructure investors to participate in projects in the ASEAN region, the Middle East and the MENA countries. We have first-hand experience of working in these regions.  

We encourage the use of modern technology in infrastructure design and management, through the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and we are set up to provide BIM services.